Friday, November 9, 2012

What the blog?

Why do we do it?

Blog that is.

There was a time when an elite group of people decided what would be seen by the masses.  Carefully editing, cutting, pasting (actually erasing and rewriting), making sure all the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted. Oh yeah, and they reflected pre-approved idealogies.

Then came internet, and the blob..sorry..the blog was born.

Take a minute.  Well actually plan on spending hours scouring the millions of blogs that make up the blogsphere.  Any topic you can think of. It's covered.  BTW this blog falls under "Whatever Spirit Moves Me The Day I Decide To Write a Blog Post"  Anything, and I mean anything is a go.  And you know what? It's fantabulous! (made the word up)  No barriers ... well that's not true.  We really don't want to see anything that promotes violence or hatred, so xnay on the negative stuff.  We get to see the 'real' blogger or in some cases the 'real' blogger's toddler, pet, invisible friend. We get a glimpse of the creative..or not so creative mind that has the chutzpah to put it out there for the world to read. Or not.  It's kind of like a crapshoot.  You set up your blog. Tell a bunch of people, who may or may not tell others (this isn't the "and they told two friends" scenario) and you wait. Then post again and you wait. The cycle continues, but you persist, hoping to be that amazing blog that everyone is itching to read every week, ready to like, comment and share.  Hoping is good, feeds the soul.  Oh, and good analytics feeds the pocketbook. 

So as we circle back to the beginning of this blog, I've come to an all important conclusion (for me that is). The question although simple has too many answers to even try and narrow it down. 

I will only speak for myself, since I can't speak for the world, I blog ... just because.

Peace out. :)

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