Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Ever had one of those moments when the light bulb goes on...just like in the cartoons.  All the stuff that was getting in the way suddenly disappears and there you are, staring right at it, that epiphany, which had been there all along waiting in the crowd of thoughts and distractions, to be noticed. The feel of excitement and exhiliration takes your breath away.  You grab a hold of that feeling and you run with it, doing whatever it is you wanted to do. If only we could have a dose of that feeling everyday. Taking ordinary tasks and making them extraordinary. Finally looking at all the sideline stuff and really appreciating that it's that stuff that is your life.  Yes there is gratification in the moment when you have reached a goal or accomplished something, but that's just a moment.  The countless moments that led to it make up the 99% of your life.  So just remember to BE present in every moment; savour them; appreciate them and never, ever, regret them, because they are you. Good or bad, those moments are packed with the tiniest of fragments that have created who you are.

And with that said, while basking in the moment, it's time to move on ....

God Bless.

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