Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jerusalem The Movie at Ontario Science Centre

Before Jerusalem The Movie  began in the IMAX theater at Ontario Science Centre  (my favourite place in world :), Daniel Ferguson, the Director polled the audience, "How many of you have been to Jerusalem?"  A few hands went up.  His response?  (not verbatim) "I hope after this movie when I ask if you have been to Jerusalem all your hands will go up."

The lights faded and we were transported to the center of the world.

I didn't know what to expect. 

Better that way.

I left all preconceptions behind so that Jerusalem could be seen for all its treasures.  

The aerial views and moving through the crowds of people were captivating. I was soaring among the clouds and on the streets I could  feel people brushing past me. All my senses were acutely attentive.

From across the ocean (and screen) I was warmly welcomed into Nadia, Farah and Revital's lives. They spoke eloquently and from the heart. Each so different yet so alike. Young women mature beyond their years, echoing the voices of their ancestors.

Seeing Jerusalem through Christian, Jewish and Muslim eyes changed the lens of the movie in a spectacular way. Being a Catholic, I was inspired by all the moments reflective of my faith. Then I was equally inspired by the moments of the Jewish and Muslim people. All of them deeply passionate and committed to their beliefs and ways of life. Yet the movie is not 'religious.' It illustrates beautifully what is an intricate part of Christian, Jewish and Muslim's lives without judgement. 

The journey continued through crevices and expanse. Walls and paths that told stories of countless generations. I ingested every rich morsel of history, culture and people ... people that are no different than you and I; Lives filled with work, school, religion, family, friends, hopes and dreams.

I sensed the movie was coming to an end.

As the images on the screen faded I hesitantly returned to my seat, fulfilled but wanting more.

I raise my hand in the air .. I have been to Jerusalem.

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