Friday, February 21, 2014

I've got God in my corner

It's been an interesting life so far.
A mixed bag of ups and downs.

I have learned a lot.
I can look back over four decades but I can't see anything beyond this moment.
I will not know what is waiting just outside my door, around the corner until I am facing it.

I know what I want to happen.
Like many others I have plans, goals and dreams.
I intend to achieve them, I just don't know when.

In the meantime, I have the now and all that it can dish out.
I've experienced many rewarding moments.
Moments that remind me to keep going; that God's in my corner.
I've faced many, many disappointments.
Dark moments that try to break me. That test my belief; that God's in my corner.

So what can I take away from the good and bad moments?
That faith can be precarious.
It's easy to find and embrace .. when things go well.

But when there is pain that aches in my heart, sits in the pit of my stomach, fills my eyes with tears and reeks havoc in my mind that is riddled with doubts; faith seems to become elusive.

I don't enjoy pain, defeat or rejection.
I have experienced them nonetheless.
When I'm facing these.
When I don't know what awaits me behind the door or around the corner.
When pain and hurt can be so intense it skews any rational thinking.
That's when I dig deep; and when I find it, I hold on tight,
Because I've got God in my corner ... always.

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