Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When Opportunity Plays Nicky Nicky Nine Doors

It dawned on me the other day; Opportunity has the market cornered on clever disguises. You know the saying 'opportunity knocks only once...'  well I beg to differ. Opportunity taps gently, knocks steady and keeps coming back, in different shapes, forms and colours.  Often, the opportunity isn't really the opportunity but the prelude to the opportunity. Stepping stones, that is, to the ultimate goal. Let me tell you, I've stepped on a lot of those stones! Haven't quite figured out the mechanics behind it, but I'm guessing it's like boot camp. Gotta sweat. Gotta struggle. Gotta reach, reach, reach... I know it's coming because I believe.  Pretty much sums it up.  So when opportunity knocks and you race to the door to answer, only to find no one standing there, just remember, it's opportunity getting your attention.

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