Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's the post that goes on ...

Gratitude is infinite, and so this blog will be open and constantly giving gratitude. When the spirit stirs, a reflection of thanks will be shared. Readers are welcome to comment and I'll add what they are thankful for to the post, because thankfulness is limitless :)

So let the GRATITUDE flow ...

For all the farmers that grow our food ... Thank you :)

For the awe inspiring splashes of colour in all the beautiful flowers ... Thank you :)

For the fingers that allow me to cook, clean, grab, hold, touch, type ... Thank you :)

For the warm, brilliant sun ... Thank you :)

For water ... cooling, refreshing ... Thank you:)

For the doctors...who heal and care ... Thank you :)

For the perfection of nature ... Thank you :)

For the tastebuds that allow me to savour the countless flavours ... Thank you :)

For the freedom to choose ... Thank you :)

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