Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Colours of Writing

What is your shade of writing? Remember back in the 70's when the mood ring was all the rage? Made of liquid crystals with quartz stones, the ring would change colour in response to the wearer's body temperature. Each colour defined the mood for the world to see.  So what does this have to do with writing? Like any artistic creation, writing comes from a place that is intangible. When thought has met with paper, each piece is neatly labelled in some type of genre so that the reader knows upfront the path they will be lead.  Necessary for the reader, but not the only thing. If one digs deeper, is it fiction, or, let's just pick a colour, is it red fiction.  What mood stirred the writer and can that be translated through the work. Sure, sure, we want to tell a great tale, but take away all the pageantry, what do we really want to achieve?  To inspire and to leave a marked impression that will linger and maybe even create a spark in someone's life.  Ah, the complexity, yet simplicity of art.  Whether it commands a tear or smile, the shade of writing is what will leave a lasting mood.

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