Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Being true to your voice

In every form of art, there is a voice.  When we create, we need to be true to that voice.  Every message is relevant and when the art is genuine it easily touches the hearts and minds of others.  Take for example the concept of Harry Purple Monkey Dishwasher. When the idea was spoken, it came from the heart. It quickly took shape because it was fuelled by emotions and memories. A territory that cannot be judged or corrected. There is no black or white in this arena. Imagination does not need judgement to be validated. So back to Harry; the ideas flowed effortlessly and the story was crafted.  Although there were road blocks in bringing Harry to life, the core and message were untouched.  Why?  Because I didn't waiver from the essence of the character and journey he was embarking.  Some of the work needed tweaking but none of the work was compromised.  Being true to your voice is one of the greatest challenges in any creation.  Although others may say they can see your vision or have walked in your shoes, they don't see through your eyes and they are not the feet that carry you. Journey forward, listen to your voice and keep your imagination a close companion ... without it the strokes of the brush are blurred, the movement of dance is mechanical and the words on the page are simply strung together.  Your work will be loved by many and disliked by many others; but that's okay; that's what makes us all unique and why each piece that is created will reach out and speak loudly to some and whisper to others.

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