Monday, December 9, 2013

Stay With It

Ever listen to that voice in your head? I mean really listen to it? It's a never ending one sided conversation that questions, challenges, defends, nags, pretends and convinces. It is relentless. You pay attention; or so you think. Or should I say you're not really thinking. Your mind goes on auto-pilot and plays the same conversations over and over again. Guiding and manipulating. Getting pleasure in taking you where it wants to go.  Its really quite brilliant.  Able to pull points of reference from a storage of memories, skewed by time. It relies on your emotions to support its messages. You go about your day unsuspecting that this voice, these thoughts are steering you...creating your life.

That voice is YOU. Your mind. Your soul.  Your spirit. An untapped, uncontrolled resource that can and WILL create the memorable moments, successes, happiness, health,  It's not a science. It doesn't require a higher education or some special talent. It's a GOD given gift that is overlooked everyday. Monkey mind is right. It does what it pleases in the confines of your head and it has been shaping your experiences and life.

So stop and listen...very closely. Let it rattle on. Don't give it any inkling that you are on to it. Then without warning take control. Feed it the thoughts YOU want to hear. There will be resistance. Lots of it. But don't worry it will relent. It will listen and before you know it, YOU are shaping every moment.

Stay with it ... and watch as a whole new world opens up to you.

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