Monday, April 29, 2013

And then I grew up...

Lately I've been saying that a lot ... and then I grew up.

If you asked me 28 years ago, I would have had the typical twenty something answer to everything "I know."
Yup, I knew it all. I was on the path that I clearly had chosen. In spite of everyone else. I was happy. So I thought.
The next ten years would be a dogged attempt at sustaining what I thought was a happy life. But the powers that be, who sat patiently waiting for me to get it, had to intervene and knock me over the head to wake up.
And so I did.
A new path.
A new journey.
Not without many trying, anxious and downright dirty days.
The cost of waking up I understand.

With ten years of many experiences, I knew it all.
Can't believe I said eh?
Well, I did.
I knew it all.

The next 15 years though was much different.
So I'm going to just put it out there...
that maybe I did know..some things.
I was happy.
But (you knew the but was coming) I was holding on to many of the 'I know' ideals. These were not minor stumbling blocks. These were colossal walls that I kept running into because I just wasn't 'getting it.'

...and then I grew up.

How liberating.

Now, don't get me wrong. I still have lots and lots...and lots to learn. But (and this is a good but), I have begun shedding all the notions, supposed to be's, what if's, what will people think, I can't, have to please everyone, and I've adopted a state of mind that let's me ... be me.

Like everyone, I am and will always be a work in progress, but it's not laborious. I'm not perfect; and that's okay.

So many subtle messages have helped me to gain this new perspective. And so I continue to listen, read, explore and share.

So when I trip and fall, or walk into a wall, the landing is softer and I bounce back quicker.

I guess that's the price of growing up.


  1. Don't grow up. It's not all they make it out to be. It sounds like we've been through some similar growth periods. Notice I said growth, not growing up. Haha! I like the free form, train of thought style.

    Love to you and Harry.

  2. Thanks for the words of wisdom. It's great to know how many similarities we have in our growth because its through sharing that we help each other along the way. Love back <3 and Purple Hugs LOL :D