Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog, blog, blog, blah, blah

I took a bit of a hiatus ...

Contemplate ... not my navel ... but this whole blogging world I've taken the liberty of becoming a participant . Willingly.  No arms were twisted in the making of this blog, or any blog for that matter.

Like all other bloggers, I've got things to say.

I want to share, engage, laugh, walk away feeling like ... I've written something that has got someone, somewhere; thinking.

Amongst the sea of blogs, I stand, well actually sit.

So many to read. Which to follow...or not.  Technology has certainly afforded us the perfect forum to talk, talk, talk. But it's all kind of become like white noise.  hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Except, those rare gems that just feel like an old friend sharing a thought over a cup of coffee.

Those blogs, yes, those are the ones that get me thinking.

Wondering if I have been able to achieve that.... hummmmmmmmmmmmmm

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