Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bella and The Blue Trunk

To be thankful is not just saying thanks, but living and breathing it.

Give it a try and do it often, you'll find that it becomes you!

For discovery something new .. in something I looked at a million times .. Thank you :)

For the flip flop feeling in my stomach ... when I get excited ... Thank you :)

For this very second ... this moment that I am so connected with the universe ... Thank you :)

For being able to carry a tune ... and lull a baby to sleep with a melody ... Thank you :)

For photographs ... that bring memories to the surface ... happy moments ... Thank you :)

For flashbacks ... things I did with my brother ... like building a fort out of an appliance box ... Thank you :)

For my writing ... taking thoughts and creating stories ... touching other's lives ... Thank you :)