Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reality check

Do you have 'it'? You know, the X factor? Are you idol material? Got talent? A quick survey, how many of us love to reach for that idol status or watch those reaching? My guess is that there are quite a few of us. We seek support or encourage people, we are taken through a whirlwind of emotions and when the winner is announced we take pride in their success, or for the others, we shoulder their loss.  What's the allure? Before the show begins (or should I say the auditions), we wouldn't know that person if we met them on the street. Maybe we may even pass quick judgment on how they look or act.  Their story is our perceived story, until they are under the shining lights and center stage.  Then we assess, critique and neatly place them in the winning or losing category.  Their lives, as edited by the show, is out there for everyone to see.  Their plights, dreams and goals draw us in evoking some deep thinking in our own lives.  We become followers, quietly (or loudly) cheering on the underdog. Then once everyone is eliminated and there is only one left standing, we applaud, the curtain is drawn and we switch the channel to the next great show and rollercoaster ride.  I think that's the appeal, the ride.  Kind of forces us to reflect on our own talents and what we could bring to the world.   I don't believe there is anyone out there who doesn't love the accolades, the attention and the money.  But funny enough, it's not all these things that drive it.  The reality is that the internal motivator seems to boil down to two things, making someone we love proud and not disappointing them.   So next time you are singing or dancing at a party and people are oohing and aahing, then your loved one says, 'you're really good, you should audition for...' just smile and know that for that moment you 'have it.'

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